Car maintenance is the key to conservation should pay attention to dead ends

Just when everyone was concerned about the tires, engine, maintenance priorities such as foil, some seemingly small parts, in fact, is often neglected by owners, however, these "small" improper maintenance, is likely to cause a big accident. Key

dashboard is "because of the complex structure, corners, switches and meters and other more difficult to clean. "Master Wang stressed.
slightly note about instrument disc on will found, only with rag and sponge can clean of parts rarely, these troughs of place needed "dedicated tool", this case Xia himself design of "dedicated tool" on can sent Shang used: with various different thickness of wood or ruler tablets, put it of head repair into oblique triangle, and rectangle or pointed shaped, different style, then put it package in clean of rag inside cleaning troughs is most ideal but of has, both improve has clean effect, While not causing swept parts of the injury.
sealant. When the seat belt is too dirty, use soft soap and water cleaning solution, scrub with a cloth or sponge.
teacher prompts the owner if the car seat belt use, had suffered a severe pull straight load, even if it is not damaged and should be replaced, do not continue to use it.
body, sealed compartment play an important role. So when the sealant once the aging or even crack, will seriously affect the waterproofing, sound insulation performance of the car. Master
recommendations to these strips with adhesive cleaning agent for cleaning and maintenance, some important parts of tape should pay more attention to maintenance, so as not to strip aging effects of abnormal sound of glass-frame riser or issue. If aging or even shedding phenomenon must be replaced immediately to avoid leaking occurs during the rainy season.

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