Car washing carpet may have missed three big maintenance tips

With the speed of the car into the family increased, car maintenance becomes a we are now most concerned about one of the topics. In addition to the time to repair shops to do routine maintenance on a regular basis, maintenance of small places equally deserving of all the attention the car, because their maintenance and care about your driving comfort and safety.
Dashboard cleaning required detailed
the car interior very important part is that each driver will face directly to the dashboard, it will directly affect the level of clean ride the vehicle internal environment the overall effect Visual feel. Because of the complex structure, corners, switches and meters and other more difficult to clean. Slightly note about instrument disc on will found, only with rag and sponge can clean of parts rarely, these troughs of place needed "dedicated tool", this case Xia himself design of "dedicated tool" on can sent Shang used, with various different thickness of wood or ruler tablets, put it of head repair into oblique triangle, and rectangle or pointed shaped, different style, then put it package in clean of rag inside cleaning troughs is most ideal but of has, both improve has clean effect, while and not caused was cleaning parts of injury. Washing carpet
car is the most easy to stain carpet, if you use a vacuum cleaner dust brush head, you can make a dirty carpet, so it's not dirty. For more dirty carpets, special detergent may be used. General use detergent both dust removal before work, then spray the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, and finally with a clean cloth to wipe off the excess detergent can, so you can wash the carpet clean and as soft as ever. Most in need of attention are, do not immerse completely into water for brushing the carpet, on the one hand of several layers of different materials within the damaged Carpet adhesive, on the other hand will make the carpet in a long period of time cannot affect the results dry, causing wet inside the car.
brake maintenance way way
the checks focused on the amount of brake fluid brake system, confirm whether the baseline of storage tanks. Brake fluid than the previous check a lot of decrease, the failure is very high. Brake pipe leakage also need close attention, manual clutch, this liquid is needed, if the liquid reduces and into the air, do not brake. Therefore, the maintenance of brake system be aware that brake fluid, liquid volume, the air into the brake will become less sensitive. In addition, to check the clutch and try to pedal, check for intermittent, poor contact or exact point deviation is in need of repair. BACK

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