Flame music car hurt

After parking, automobile electrical equipment headlamps, tail lamps, reading lights and the radio or CD. Reporters searched for mainstream models currently on the market, and its battery capacity is between 35Ah and 45Ah. Most headlight power 55 w/a, rear power 5 w/a, reading lamps power 5 w/a, radio power 5 w/a, CD power will be higher than the radio.
based on experience, in the case of automotive batteries good, turn on headlights, reading lights, radios, capacity 35Ah battery in about 3 hours time, 45Ah batteries working time can be a little bit longer, between the hours of 3-4. The higher the volume of the radio or CD, greater power, so the battery charge time, and also to consider the issue. In addition, the battery life is generally 2-3 year, so, the old and new also affects the operation of the battery of the length of time. If some users who installed the original appliances that are not, such as subwoofer, it will cause excessive battery use. He told the owner, if the batteries are old and don't work more than 2 hours.
so, how to judge when it was charged that, do not let batteries in a State of lack of electricity. Maintenance personnel are really unable to judge. Cannot by virtue of headlight brightness or sound sound intensity to determine the battery's operating status, if you wait until the brightness of the lights Dim, battery has entered the State of losing early at that time, the car must be "paralyzed" and wouldn't start. In order to ensure that batteries work, does not make the car "paralyzed", owners of the best every half hour on battery use, start the engine to charge batteries again.
when the battery run out, what's the method to start the car? Maintenance personnel recommended three ways: cart starts, pull start and lap started. First two ways suitable for manual transmission vehicles. So he says, cart start is the most familiar and most effective emergency boot method, but it is an instrument of last resort, cannot be used, because it has some damage on the engine and clutch. Method and principle of traction to start with cart starts the same. Lap start is used with another lap method starts the vehicle battery.
/> maintenance battery maintenance staff said that in car maintenance, battery maintenance is also important, if you develop bad habits, will shorten the battery life or cause damage. General batteries are available 2-3. But if you are using are not reasonable, 3-4 months, and may have to be replaced.
now electric device on the car more and more, so car owners to use these electric devices, try not to let the batteries overworked. With electric Windows and sunroof, for example, owners should be completed before the engine lifting it on and off, because if the engine would stop generating when lifting the window will increase the load on the battery, easy to damage the battery. Headlights, too, if you want to turn off, no special need, you should turn off headlights and stalling at night also should start when starting the car and then turn up the lights, to minimize damage to the battery.
If you let the battery engine stopped working, be sure to prevent battery loss, because if the lack of electricity is likely to cause damage to the battery. Now there's a technique to repair the damaged battery, battery electrolyte to activate pulse charging technology, can also continue to use it. But if serious battery early retirement. BACK

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